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Tower Garden

Your moods, weight, skin, hair nails, and immune system are all inextricably linked to your nutrition.  I am very mindful of my diet but our soil is depleted and most of our produce is picked before it reaches its peak ripeness (and therefore prime nutritional level).  And with the introduction of COVID-19 to the world, bringing less food home from outside sources is ideal.

I am passionate about helping families reach their nutritional goals and adding more plants into their diets!

Tower Garden can be used indoors and outdoors and

  • Tower Garden can increase yields by an average of 30%

  • Plants grow up to 3x more quickly

  • Tower Garden uses as much as 98% less water

  • A vertical design requires 90% less space

  • Pollution and pests are less of a problem

What Customers Are Saying:

I love growing my own produce! The quality is the best I’ve ever had. It’s as fresh as it gets and so easy to maintain. Sasha G.

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