Who am I?

I'm a certified holistic nutrition coach.  I'm a certified yoga teacher.  I am a certified mindset life coach.  I am a certified neuro-linguistic programming practitioner.  I am an accredited & certified EFT tapping practitioner.  I am a certified reiki healer. I'm a blogger. I'm the co-host of a podcast. I'm a business mentor to women all over the globe.  I am in LOVE with travel & adventure.  I'm a free spirit on a mission & this is my story.


For a long time I felt lost in the world.  I went to a good high school, attended college, and had many friends, but I always felt a bit empty.  I knew there was more to life but I did not know how to reach my highest self.

My journey of self-love and discovery started over 15 years ago and will continue for a lifetime.  As I learned to heal myself I realized I wanted to help facilitate healing for others, and after significant personal healing and growth I finally quit my teaching job in 2017 to pursue a full-time career helping women transform their lives.

Attending the Holistic Health and Nutrition Coaching program at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition has allowed me to combine my love of nutrition with holistic health and wellness coaching and I love working with clients on mind, body, and soul.

There is no greater mission in life than to fully

Love yourself

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