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5 secrets to finding happiness

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Get out of the rat race and find your vibrant true self.

The rate of anxiety, depression, and a general dissatisfaction with life are on the rise. I spent many years of my life struggling and now that I have completely revamped my life, found true happiness, and learned how to help others do the same, I feel like I hold the golden ticket to this journey called life.

“What if you let go of everything that has let go of you.”

Here are my top tips for a happy joyful life:

1. Reduce or Eliminate Sugar

You may be surprised this is the first on the list but #sugar affects your emotions far more than you realize. I have had clients and friends cleared of #crying spells, #mood swings, #acne, #insomnia, panic attacks, menstrual #cramps, (and more!) just by clearing sugar from their diet. You may think you feel amazing but I guarantee you that clearing sugar from your diet will leave you feeling better than you can imagine. If you feel like you do not consume a lot of sugar make a commitment not to have any for 30 days and start reading labels on everything you eat. You will be shocked at how much sugar you mindlessly consume.

2. Follow Your Intuition

We all have it. That fleeting moment of truth that often passes by us. We often miss it and when we do manage to be in tune with our own bodies and the universal energy around us in a way that allows for intuitive realizations we more often than not let our brain talk our gut out of the universal truth we had realized only moments prior. Trying to rationalize or justify intuitive feelings can be detrimental. Have faith in yourself and learn how to listen to your body, it holds more wisdom than you know. Don't believe me? Look to nature. Animals instinctively know how to care for their young, what to eat, where to migrate, and when danger is near. The universal knowledge they hold is in you too, you only need to learn how to listen and believe. A good way to get in touch with your inner wisdom is through meditation.

3. Break Up with Technology

Technology is a blessing and a curse; it allows us to be connected to information and each other, yet it disconnects us simultaneously. Pick one day each week to detox from social media and one day each month to put your phone away completely. Spend that time connecting to your intuitive self, nature, your community, and universal energy. The increased hours spent on social media has been directly correlated with a rise in depression. When is the last time you mailed a friend a hand written letter? Got lost in a good book? Took a walk in nature without your phone? Enjoyed an event without taking photos? Be present. It will increase your happiness.

4. Live a Purpose Driven Life

What are your goals and dreams? Are they the things that have filled your soul since birth? Or are they the things that are expected from your parents, friends, spouse, or society? Do you truly enjoy your job, hobbies, friendships, and religion? If you do not wake up every day feeling grateful and inspired it is time to make some changes in your life. You can have all the things you dream of but you need to believe you can have them and you need to work towards those goals every day. Making radical changes can be terrifying, but what should be more terrifying is waking up every day in your mediocre life building someone else's dreams. Get really clear on who you are, what you value, and what you desire. Then make a plan. If this sounds daunting, it is. It is also what health and life coaches specialize in. Find a coach who listens to you, understands you, and is ready to help hold you accountable in reaching your goals.

5. Slow Down and Speed Up

I already mentioned mediation, but it truly is magical. Spend time each day slowing down. This can look like different things for different people but build time in your day (I recommend your early morning) to pray, meditate, visualize, read, journal, or create.

Equally important is finding time to get out of your daily grind and exercise. Find ways to move your body that are joyful for you and be consistent. The emotional and mental benefits of exercise are just as valid the physical benefits and you can see a boost in mood, sleep quality, and immune response with a regular physical practice. Do not forget to hydrate!

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