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notes from clients i've worked with:

Courtney Esther is an inspiring person! She has taught me a lot about myself and life. Anyone is lucky to be coached by her! <3 - Crystal S.

For years I struggled with what I thought was acne on my face or an allergic reaction to makeup. I almost constantly had an itchy jawline and raised red bumps on my cheeks. I tried everything to get rid of the bumps, but they rarely went away and the itchiness always stayed. I also developed what I thought was a dairy intolerance, presenting as IBS-like symptoms. The final straw was when I started getting dry patches on my eyelids and arms and itchy patches on my torso. It was obviously not just acne. I contacted Estee with my concerns and she walked me through the entire process of an elimination diet to find food triggers and allergies. Originally we were going to do Whole 30 together, but after more discussion she suggested I try to go gluten free for a month to see if that alleviates my symptoms before diving into an AIP or whole 30 diet. Let me tell you, Estee guided me the entire way and talked me down off some ledges when all I wanted was a bagel. I love carbs and going gluten free was really difficult for me, but she was with me every step of the way, checking in and doing it all with me so I had some support. We did end up discovering that gluten was my trigger. We also discovered that dairy was not a trigger, so yay cheese! I am so happy to finally have clear, itch-free skin for the first time in at least 4 years!! Estee still checks in with me to see how the gluten free diet is going and offering support and suggestions of alternatives I can have. I’m so thrilled that she helped me get to the bottom of my inflammation issues and the extra step of doing it with me really showed that she cares about seeing her clients succeed. -Emily T.

We have been loving the whole food nutrition gummies! I use them as treats for my boys (ages 2 & 5) and they are excited to take them. There’s no fuss at all. Personally, I’ve noticed I have more energy and better focus, which is so needed being a mom and a nurse! I even use the gummies to curb my cravings for something sweet. So happy to make the change !                 -Syuzanna K.

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